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    Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo280
    Ichigo Kurosaki
    Speed: Flash Step
    Reflexes: Kinda slow
    Strength: 300
    Health: Able to survive 2 battles straight

    Moveset Attacks
    Slices, Flash steps, Glides, Walks on air, Sword guards, Dodges

    Special Attacks
    Getsuga Tensho
    Description: Ichigo releases a wave of plue spiritual pressure from his sword. When in bankai it will be black and red spiritual pressure in a twisty wave.

    Power Up 1: Bankai
    Ichigo Kurosaki Bankai-kurosaki-ichigo-3548049-942-747
    When Ichigo is in this form you will be faster and your attacks will be stronger.

    Power Up 2: Partial Hollowfication Mask
    Ichigo Kurosaki Partial
    In this form your attacks will be crazy and wild.

    Power Up 3: Full Hollowfication Mask
    Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo_Hollow_Mask_Yeyes
    In this form he barely makes mistakes, his power is amazing, and his attacks or precise.

    More power ups will be unlockable at the shop.

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