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    Kakashi Hatake


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    Kakashi Hatake

    Post  UlquiorraSchiffer on Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:27 am

    Kakashi Hatake
    Speed: High Speed
    Reflexes: Reasonably fast
    Strength: 200
    Health: Able to survive some lethal wounds and keep fighting

    Punches, Kicks, throw kunai/shuriken, Dodge, Block

    Special attacks:
    Sharingan Copy
    Description: Only useable during Powerup 1. Kakashi uses his Sharingan to instantly copy a non-unique move and use it to nullify the opponent's attack.

    Raikiri(Lightning Blade)
    Description: Kakashi focuses a lot of lightning style chakra into his hand and charges forward at high speeds to impale his opponent. Can change direction during Powerup 1.

    Summoning Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit jutsu
    Description: Kakashi summons ninja hounds to attack his opponent. Can attack hidden opponents. One time use.

    Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu
    Description: Only useable during Powerup 1. Kakashi focuses a mass of fire style chakra into his mouth and then releases it.

    Description: Only useable during Powerup 2. Kakashi uses his Mangekyo Sharingan to make an interdimensional rift that sucks up anything in it's vicinity. One hit kill if take directly. Can only be used twice.

    Powerup 1: Sharingan active

    Kakashi uncovers his Sharingan. He gains access to all jutsu that he has copied before and can predict the movements of his opponents.

    Powerup 2: Mangekyo Sharingan

    Kakashi activates his Mangekyo Sharingan.

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