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    Matthew Inferno Samurai_troopers_inferno_armor_by_akaluck-d3d5781
    Name: Matthew Inferno

    Weapons: Twin Winged Blades

    Anime Spirit Element: Fire
    Anime Spirit Attack: Inferno Charge
    Description: I cross my hands like I'm doing the picture and fire rises from under my feet. I'm charging the fire wider and around me making it burst out and when it's fully chargged I uncross my hands and burst them out making the fire react then this happens.............EXPLOSION!

    Speed: Silent slide

    Moveset: Right slices, Left slices, Both Slices, Jumps, Left stabs, Right stabs, Both stabs, Kicks, Sword guards with left, Sword guards with right, Sword guards with both, Hand guards, Grabs, Flies

    Power Up:
    Solar Inferno Armor
    This increases speed alot like I will get to you in 1 second. It increases agility attack plus defense it is stronger armor.

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