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    Skyler of the Kappa's Song


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    Skyler of the Kappa's Song Empty Skyler of the Kappa's Song

    Post  UlquiorraSchiffer on Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:24 am

    Skyler of the Kappa's Song 0_77507_68751e8f_XL

    Name: Skye Tyler of the Kappa's Song
    Weapons: None
    Anime Spirit Element: Sound
    Anime Spirit Attack: Vibrare
    Description: Using the power of the Kappa's song, Skyler utilizes the sound's vibrations to cause severe damage to the opponent.

    Speed: Average running speed, Reflexes are around supersonic speeds (bullet catching, as an example)
    Moveset: Block, deflect, dodge, grabs, summon statue, amplify sound, nullify sound, redirect sound

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