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    Young Naruto Empty Young Naruto

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    Young Naruto Naruto
    Naruto Uzumaki
    Speed: Normal Speed
    Reflexes: Slow
    Strength: 90
    Health: Able to survive alot of dangerous attacks that would usually defeat a person

    Punches, Kicks, Throw shuriken/kunai, Dodges, Blocks. Scratches(Only in Power Ups)

    Special Attacks:
    Sexy Jutsu
    Description: Naruto transform into a sexy naked version of himself and this attack distracts the enemy.

    Shadow Clone Jutsu
    Description: Naruto creates a clone of himself.

    Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu
    Description: Naruto creates multiple clones of himself.

    Demon Wind Bomb Shuriken
    Description: Naruto creates a clone and use transformation jutsu to turn into a demon wind shuriken and the shadow clone throws the shuriken at the enemy's feet and if the enemy jumps then the shuriken will transform back into Naruto and Naruto will throw a kunai while the enemy's back is turned.

    Harem Jutsu
    Description: To do this jutsu you must do Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu first. Then after that you say "Harem Jutsu". This will distract the enemy for a long period of time.

    Description: Naruto creates a wind spiral ball in his hand and rushes towrds the opponent. In Power Up 2 to it becomes Vermillion Rasengan. In Power Up 1 just red chakra rasengan.

    Power Up 1: Nine-tails Chakra

    Young Naruto _AonE__Naruto_132__BC3F2003__22__00
    Naruto's skin regenerates everytime you cut or puncture his skin and his speed and attack increase alot.

    Power Up 2: One Tailed

    Young Naruto Naruto%20onetail2
    Naruto's attacks get alot stronger I mean alot stronger and his speed becomes incredible.

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