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    Post  Anime Arena Master on Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:49 am

    Kakarroto(Goku) Goku%201
    Speed: Flash Movement
    Reflexes: Almost able to dodge or block any attack
    Strength: 100
    Health: Able to survive alot of damage

    Punches, Kicks, Shoots Ki, Regenerates Ki, Dodges, Blocks

    Special Attacks:
    Description: Goku close his hands really close and concentrates all his Ki into his hand and thrust his hands forward and blast a powerful beam of energy. To do this move you must say Ka-me(press enter in chat), Ha-me(press enter in chat), Ha!(press enter in chat). If you have any questions on this move contact Anime Arena Master.

    Ki Blast
    Description: Goku forms a ball of Ki in one hand blast it out.

    Continuous Kamehameha
    Description: Goku blast Kamehameha rapidly from both hands at the opponent. This inflicts a great deal of damage.

    Solar Flare
    Description: Goku spreads his fingers across his head and releases a blinding light. This will blinde the opponent for 2 attacks.

    Destructo Disc
    Description: Goku holds his hand in the air conducting his Ki in the form of a razor-sharp disc and then throws it. This takes a long time to make.

    More attacks will be available at the shop.

    Power Up 1: Super Saiyan 1
    Kakarroto(Goku) Super-saiyan-1-goku
    Goku becomes way more destructive and is so fast he can bareky be touched.

    Power Up 2: Super Saiyan 2
    Kakarroto(Goku) GokuSuperSaiyanIIvsFatBuu
    Goku's attack power becomes insane and his speed and reflexes become extrememly dangerous.

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