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    Kenshin Himura Kenshin_himura

    Kenshin Himura
    Speed: God-like
    Reflexes: Quick
    Strength: 100
    Health: Able to survive 2 battles straight

    Moveset Attacks
    Slices, Pierces, Kicks, Jumps, Slams down, Sword guards,Arm guards, Moves around him/her, Dodge.

    Special Attacks
    Hiten Mitsurugi Style: Hi Ryu Sen
    Description: Kenshin holds the sheath with the sword still inside, handle facing his opponent, and thrust his arm outward, flicking the tsuba of his sword with his thumb at the same time. The sword is flung out of the sheath at a high speed and strikes the opponent. (If used while in Battosai form and the attack hits. The opponent will instantly die). Can only use once in each form. So if you go into Battosai form you can use it again.

    Hiten Mitsurugi Style: Ka Ryu sen
    Descrption: Kenshin blows a gust of wind with his sword to stun and impede opponents from a distance. You can only use this move once.

    Hiten Mitsurugi Style: Ryu Tsui Sen
    Description: Kenshin jumps and slams down using his body weight to make the blow stronger. You can only use this after you say jump. You can spam this move.

    Hiten Mitsurugi Style: Doryusen
    Description: Kenshin does a giant blow against the ground causing massive airwaves/rocks to strike enemies.

    Description: Kenshin holds his sword pointing at the opponent spinning in a series of forward summersaults.

    You will be able to buy more moves for Kenshin at the shop.

    Power Up: Battosai Form

    Kenshin Himura Rurouni%20Kenshin%20Himura-Hitokiri%20Battousai-upclose
    His attacks are stronger and I mean way stronger. The attacks will actually be able to cut your opponent now even though it's a reverse blade sword.

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