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    Character Request: Graham Aker


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    Character Request: Graham Aker Empty Character Request: Graham Aker

    Post  FireFox77 on Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:36 pm

    Graham Aker
    Character Request: Graham Aker 46983
    Mobile Suit: GNX-Y901TW Susanowo (Cannot battle without)
    Character Request: Graham Aker GNX-Y901TW_-_Susanowo_-_Front_View
    Mobile Suit Durability: high
    Mobile Suit Power Plant: GN Drive Tau x2, GN Condensers
    Mobie Suit Speed: very high
    Mobile Suit Reflexes: Swift
    Limitations: needs to be recharged after every battle, few ranged weapons
    Mobile Suit Weaponry: Beam Chakram, GN Claws, Physical GN Swords/Double-Bladed GN Physical Sword (Shiranui & Unryu / Souten (combined form of swords)), GN Beam Cannon (Tri-Punisher)

    Attacks: Chakram shot (Beam Chakram only), Claw Swipe (GN Claws only), horizontal slash (Shiranui or Unryu), vertical slash (Shiranui or Unryu), piercing strike (any of Susanowo's melee weapons), Souten Strike (Souten only), Tri-Punisher blast (Tri-Punisher only), combination strike (any of Susanowo's melee weapons)

    Power-up: Trans Am
    The mobile suit removes all limiters on the Tau Drives, tripling its performance for a set time (about 5 minutes). This can, however, prove detrimental to the pilot's health due to the sheer speed of the MS and its lack of sufficient G-Force dampeners during this time. The Tau Drives enter a stasis mode after Trans Am's time limit has expired, leaving the Susanowo relying on GN Condenser Power until recharge is possible. Notable visual features include the Mobile Suit turning a crimsonish-red color and leaving after-images when it moves.

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